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Saturday, June 30th 2012

6:37 PM

Book: The First Confessor!

Terry Goodkind's newest novel will be released on Monday, July 2 and I can't wait! It's only available in e-book format and the 300 copies of the hardcover collector's edition are all sold out (gone in just a few hours). An audio version is supposed to be released at a later date. I was a bit surprised that Goodkind chose to self-publish this novel. I knew he was releasing something before the sequel of The Omen Machine but I didn't expect a digital release only. Thankfully, I figured out that I can read e-books on my computer because I'm not keen on buying a separate e-reader.

The new book is in the same universe as the Sword of Truth series but occurs way before Debt of Bones which features a younger Zedd. Join the virtual release party!


I found the sketch I did back in high school of Magda and Merritt. I recall that the picture of the chair from an ad inspired me to do this sketch. I was definitely fascinated with Magda even before the Chainfire trilogy was released a few years ago which revealed a little bit more of her story.

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