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Saturday, December 31st 2011

9:08 PM

My Desktop 2011

For 2011: 3 were anime, 6 were TV show related, and only 2 was from Legend of the Seeker. I'm very skeptical that LotS will ever come back. Even Tribune hasn't emerge from bankruptcy and it's been 3 years. Anyways, here are the wallpapers that graced my desktop....

  • Jan 15: Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse
    I was bummed that I couldn't watch it because of the clouds. Thanks to that livestream from Chile I could share in the experience. Photo from NASA.
  • Feb 04: Work Out Now
    Featuring Oenomaus from Starz's Spartacus to inspire me to work out. I think I only exercised four times up to this date.
  • Mar 03: Piolo Pascual
    My favorite photo from the Bench Paradise campaign.
  • Mar 31: Jing/Rong
    I finished watching Legend of the Condor Heroes (200 and I love this couple! (fanart by sisy at ihuge.net)
  • Apr 14: Emotional Kahlan
    From my favorite Legend of the Seeker episode, "Torn". Emotional Kahlan was hilarious. (fanart by aleynarose@LJ)
  • Apr 30: Lucas North
    Kept me watching the last few seasons of MI-5. (fanart from richardarmitagenet.com)

  • May 09: SoT fan map
    A nice updated Sword of Truth map since Goodkind never changed his map. (fanart by halfabubble@Tumblr)
  • May 31: Luke and Tear
    Characters from the Tales of the Abyss game. Makes me want to play it again. (fanart by myhilary.devianart.com)
  • Jul 19: Work Out Now!
    Featuring Crixus from Spartacus and I think it helped because I stuck to the first half of my summer challenge of consistently exercising.
  • Jul 31: Sleeping SKU Characters
    The main characters of Shoujo Kakumei Utena. (fanart by ammi@e-shuushuu)
  • Sep 24: Keep Training!
    This time featuring Gannicus from the prequel, Gods of the Arena, for the latter part of my summer exercise challenge. Planning to do Men's Health's Spartacus-inspired workouts which is up to three now and possibly a fourth since Starz renewed Spartacus for a third season. Looking forward to the show's 2nd season premiere this January.
  • Oct 15: Zen
    The epitome of cool. Rufus Sewell as Aurelio Zen looking dashing in his suit.

  • Nov 01: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    The main characters from the anime. (fanart by HawthorneKitty at konachan.com)
  • Dec 23: Our Child
    Richard and Kahlan from the episode "Eternity". (fanart by incanta-art@LJ)
  • Dec 31: Mawaru Penguindrum
    A fan's explanation of the anime after the show's ending. I'll miss this fabulous show, do another series Ikuhara!


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