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Thursday, November 15th 2007

9:59 PM

BTT: Preservatives

  • Music: Every Now And Then by Mark Bautista

Today’s question comes from Conspiracy-Girl:
I’m still relatively new to this meme so I’m not sure if this has been asked yet, but I’m curious how many of us write notes in our books. Are you a Footprint Leaver or a Preservationist?

I'm a preservationist. I use a piece of paper if I need to take notes. Even my textbooks are mostly unmarked. I couldn't even make myself highlight anything on them. If it's a book that already has markings I can easily leave markings on them though. I mean, the book already has markings, what's the difference if I write more things in it? My bookshelf is full of unmarked books, so yes, I'm definitely a preservationist.

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