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Tuesday, August 19th 2014

8:59 PM

BoB 11: OTP & Book Spine Poetry

It's the second day of the Bout of Books 11 challenges and these were fun to do.

The OTP Challenge is hosted by Infinite Ink:
For this challenge, I want to hear all about your favorite literary OTP. Tell me why you ship them. Tell me how perfect they are for each other. Vent about how frustrating it is that the author paired them with other people. Give me proof about why they are actually canon, but nobody knows. I want to hear it all.

My favorite OTP is Richard and Kahlan from the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. I love them individually specially Kahlan. She changes his life by demanding that the great wizard Zedd name a Seeker, which ends up to be Richard, to thwart off a threat that would end all life. Richard accepts the responsibility at first for revenge but it evolves into just keeping her safe. She becomes his great motivation for everything he does in the 11 books. He in turn opens up a new world to her mainly being loved for herself and not her title as Mother Confessor. She experiences the joy of being in love which is rare for a woman born only for duty. They both go through horrific situations but the only thing that stays the same is their love for each other.



The Book Spine Poetry Challenge is hosted by My Little Pocketbooks.

The Dark is Rising
Shadow Game with
the Lord of the Flies.
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