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Monday, August 25th 2014

1:41 AM

Bout of Books 11 Goals & Updates

Bout of Books

Bout of Books 11 has started! My goal is to read:

  • Sacred Bloodlines (The Guardians Bk1) by Wendy Owens
  • Cursed (The Guardians Bk2) by Wendy Owens
  • The Prophecy (The Guardians Bk3) by Wendy Owens
  • Ironweed by William Kennedy

These books have been sitting on my shelf for a while now. Maybe I'll read from my huge ebooks pile if I actually finish all 4 books. I also plan to participate in some of the challenges.



Monday 8/18
Pages read: 203
Total page count: 203
Total books read: 0
Challenges: Scavenger Hunt
Notes: I noticed frequent grammatical errors while reading Sacred Bloodlines that I was easily taken out of the story. Also, the author jumps to a different character's point of view for a second then reverts immediately to the main protagonist. Very jarring and puzzling when it happens specially since it has always been about Gabe's thoughts from the beginning of the story. The book is reminiscent of Harry Potter.

Tuesday 8/19
Pages read: 113
Total page count: 316
Total books read: 1
Challenges: OTP & Book Spine Poetry
Notes: I finished Sacred Bloodlines. It was a decent read and I'm curious enough to continue reading the series. I didn't read as much as I planned because I got distracted by some shiny tech.

Wednesday 8/20
Pages read: 235
Total page count: 551
Total books read: 2
Challenges: Create a Sentence
Notes: Started Cursed and the frequent grammatical errors persist but at least the word sight was finally correctly used. The author seems to have a problem with homophones.

Thursday 8/21
Pages read: 377
Total page count: 928
Total books read: 3
Challenges: n/a
Notes: Cursed ended with an interesting twist that I had to dive into the next book. The Prophecy finally includes a longer point of view from another character besides Gabe. The book is also edited better because I encountered less grammatical errors. I enjoyed this third installment the most but I'm not in a hurry to finish the rest of the series. So happy I accomplished 3 out of my 4 reading goals.
I started Ironweed and I can tell I'm not going to speed through this one.

Friday 8/22
Pages read: 164
Total page count: 1092
Total books read: 3
Challenges: Book Chain
Notes: I guess I was wrong about Ironweed because I zipped through it. I encountered a lot of new words this time too. The author utilizes interesting storytelling mechanisms like character introspection, second-person narrative from time to time, and flashbacks. There are many surreal instances that I wonder if it's real or just the character's imagination.

Saturday 8/23
Pages read: 24
Total page count: 1116
Total books read: 4
Challenges: Spell It Out
Notes: Finished Ironweed and would read it again in the future.

Sunday 8/24
I decided that I was finished with the read-a-thon and didn't pick up another book once I finished Ironweed since my goals were met.

It was my first time joining a book challenge and to think I just signed up on a whim (at the last minute too) after landing on Laurie Here via a book search. I would love to do this challenge again and visit other blogs which I didn't do this time around.

Bout of Books 12 begins on January 5, 2015.

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