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Sunday, July 20th 2014

2:46 PM

Jury Duty Parts 5 & 6

Both summons were on the same month but separated by a year. At last year's summons, I wore red to see if it would bring me luck. As the morning went on, I felt that I wasn't going to be lucky this time because five different panels were needed to be filled with two of the panels headed for another city. I kept myself busy after the litte break by reading Reader's Digest Mind Power. The wait was unusually long for the announcement of the potential jurors. As it turned out, all panels were not required any longer and everyone was dismissed. The red charm may have helped but I'm a bit skeptical. I ended up with a cold probably because of the coughing lady that sat nearby.

This year's jury duty was canceled due to the weather and I found out about it by watching the local news. Now, I'm not sure if I should expect to be summoned again this year or about the same time next year.

Jury Duty Part 4

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