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Monday, April 30th 2012

9:25 PM

A-Z: Zigzagging Calories

Zigzagging calories is one of the strategies to break a weight loss plateau. The theory is to keep the body from thinking it's not being deprived of its necessary energy to function specially if you've been in a calorie deficit to lose weight. It's recommended to go back to eating maintenance calories (TDEE) after a period of calorie deficit. Most eating plans I've read promotes a calorie deficit for 6 days and a cheat day (maintenance to surplus calories).

I varied my daily calories this month to see if I can budge my scale weight or lose inches which have been consistently the same for about 2 months. A week of my daily calories between 1600-2000 calories and my average scale weight was a pound higher than my usual. Eating healthy food to reach 2000 calories was really a challenge. The following week, my scale reflected a 2 pound loss. I did the same for the next 2 weeks and the scale stayed about the same. Then, last week, I lost another pound. The method worked! There are zigzag calculators out there but it varied way too much for my taste. I ate close to my BMR on rest days, a little higher on cardio days, and the highest on lifting days. The high calorie days usually maxed at 1900. 2000 healthy calories is still hard to accomplish specially. I'll probably go back to eating the same calories for a week and vary it weekly to see what happens.

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