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Thursday, April 26th 2012

10:33 PM

A-Z: Whey Protein

The easily digestable whey protein is derived from the process of making cheese. It's a great source of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which are necessary for maintaining or building muscles. There are 2 main types of whey protein: whey isolate and whey concentrate. Whey isolate is more expensive because it's the purest form of whey while a blend of both is cheaper. The whey powder I'm currently using as a post-workout drink usually after lifting weights is a mixture of concentrate and isolate. Since concentrate is listed first, it's not suprising that it only costs $15 for 27 servings. I did read this article from my inbox to figure out whether I got my money's worth of protein. Divide the grams of protein per serving by the serving size (also in grams) and if the result is 80% or higher, you have a great quality protein. The one I'm using is only 76% but that's okay since I also get protein from other sources. I only care that the powder is a tasty chocolate flavor (there are some horrible ones out there) and is easy to mix with a spoon. Sometimes I use a blender if I add some other ingredients like fruit. It's like a treat after a hard lifting session.
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