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Saturday, April 21st 2012

11:18 AM

A-Z: Sore Shoulders

My lower body workout (dumbbell squat & stiff-legged deadlift) was this past Tuesday and I was pumped that I lifted the heaviest weight I could on record (45lb per arm!). I was anticipating muscle soreness the day after and I shouldn't have been surprised which part it would be. The next morning, my shoulders and back were so sore! I should really remember that the stiff-legged deadlift is also a whole body exercise specifically for the whole back portion of the body. Back to the shoulders, they were still sore two days after that I had to skip my planned upper body workout. Annoying really since I scheduled a rest day in anticipation of the sore muscles and it didn't help much. I did a lower body workout with only my body weight instead.

Oh, my legs are just fine after the heavy lifting last Tuesday, no noticeable soreness at all. I need to remedy this strength imbalance because I'm very close to maxing out on my dumbbells when it comes to compound leg exercises. I should focus on gaining shoulder strength so it's probably time to add farmer's walk and waiter's carry in my routine.

I finally did my upper body push workout yesterday with my slightly sore shoulders. Thankfully, the soreness didn't stop me from directly targeting my shoulders with the overhead press. I even lifted heavy weights but only sets of 3 reps. 30lb dumbbells are still challenging that I sometimes broke proper form just to finish a set. It's odd that my shoulders are noticeably the most defined part of my body but it's so much weaker than other large muscles.

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